Elections for VIUFA Executive positions were held at the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, April 27th. The following members were elected:

President: Gara Pruesse

Vice-President: Kathleen Bortolin

Secretary-Treasurer: Johnny Blakeborough

Chief Personnel Steward: Clay Armstrong

Chair, Contract Negotiating Committee: Jane Wodlinger

Associate Bargainer: Bonita Davidson

Chair, Professional and Scholarly Development: Dan Baker

Chair, Human Rights and International Solidarity: Imogene Lim

Chair, Status of Women: Eliza Gardiner

Chair, Decolonization, Reconciliation, and Indigenization Standing Committee: Georgina Martin

FPSE Pension Advisory Rep: Scott Priestman

FPSE Workplace Health, Safety & Environment Rep: Amber Hieb

FPSE Disability Management & Rehabilitation Rep: Anna Atkinson

Non-Instructional Faculty Rep: Adam Jamieson

Member at Large: Stacy Cuzzocrea

Salary Placement Appeals Committee:
Guy Le Masurier, Andrea Martin, Adam Jamieson

Please see this page for a full list of the executive members with their contact information.