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ReconciliAction and Indigenous Cultures in Dialogue (Virtual)

December 14, 2022, 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM EST

Canadian Race Relations Foundation

A joint virtual event of the National Film Board (NFB) and the Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) in Quebec.

Registration on Eventbrite is required. Simultaneous French-English translation will also be available on the Zoom platform.

This is Climate: Global Stakes

Dec. 13 – 10:30 a.m. ET

Germany’s climate envoy Jennifer Morgan weighs in on her country’s efforts to slow global warming and the European energy crisis sparked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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Race in America

Elegance Bratton

Dec. 15 – 1:00 p.m. ET

Filmmaker Elegance Bratton explores how his experiences with homophobia in the military and at home inspired his debut film, “The Inspection.”

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Indigenous Rights Radio Series on Navigating the United Nations for Indigenous Peoples





This series, broken down into ten 2-minute programs, takes listeners step by step through the uses of the various tools that the UN provides to Indigenous Peoples to defend and advocate for their rights, including the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, the UN Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and the UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

A Groundbreaking Indigenous Rights Decision, 25 Years Later

The Delgamuukw-Gisday’wa case had impact around the world. What has it done for the nations who fought it?

Amanda Follett Hosgood | Dec 11, 2022 |

Indigenous Founders of a Museum Cafe Put Repatriation on the Menu

Two chefs celebrate the culture of the Ohlone people at the Hearst Museum of Anthropology at Berkeley, which is seeking to redress past mistreatment of Native Americans.

By Patricia Leigh Brown | Dec. 11, 2022 | NYTimes

Vancouver elementary school renamed wek̓ʷan̓əs tə syaqʷəm in Musqueam name gifting ceremony

Renaming coincides with completion of new school building made with Canadian mass timber

CBC News · Posted: Dec 09, 2022

A Beachcomber’s journey home

TV made Pat John an Indigenous icon. After fame faded, he found himself living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside before finally returning to his roots.

by Duncan McCue | Dec. 9, 2022 | CBC Radio

Pretendians and the Sexism Built into the Indian Act

How colonialism is still undermining the rights of Indigenous women.

Cheryl Simon | 9 Dec 2022 | The Conversation |


New report’s findings could kick 1,000 people off Algonquin membership rolls and out of land claim deal

Mysterious letter offered as proof of Lagarde’s Algonquin ancestry ‘could not be verified as authentic’

Geoff Leo · CBC News · Posted: Dec 09, 2022

2-spirit youth calls out ‘stares’ for wearing ribbon skirt at AFN assembly

Kieran Davis attended his first Assembly of First Nations event this week in Ottawa

Ka’nhehsí:io Deer · CBC News · Posted: Dec 08, 2022


Genocide is not in Canada’s past. It is still happening, to this day


Restaurateur is showcasing Indigenous cuisine: ‘We’re the OG locals’


The Globe spoke with Inez Cook about changing attitudes to Indigenous food, what people are still getting wrong, and some of her favourite places to eat.


Colour of Violence: Race, Gender & Anti-Violence Services

A report placing racialized survivors at the center of anti-violence work.

Battered Women’s Support Services (BWSS) | 2022

Includes a downloadable pdf and toolkit, plus online flipbook.


The Dead Sea is dying. These beautiful, ominous photos show the impact

OFIR BERMAN, DANIEL ESTRIN | December 11, 2022 | NPR

As the lake recedes, it changes the landscape around it in both beautiful and ominous ways. Exquisite salt formations are revealed where the water dries up. But there are also apocalyptic scenes of condemned beaches and parking lots swallowed up by sinkholes along the shore.

In 2 U.S. cities haunted by race massacres, facing the past is painful and divisive

SCOTT NEUMAN | December 11, 2022 | NPR

Army Corrects the Record About a Black Soldier Killed by a White Sergeant in 1941

Private Albert H. King is one of dozens of Black service members believed to have been killed on or near U.S. bases because of their race but whose stories were largely papered over.

By Remy Tumin | Dec. 10, 2022 | NYTimes

How Latin identity became fodder for content

MANUELA LÓPEZ RESTREPO | December 10, 2022 | NPR

Latinos are finally solidifying their presence in popular culture. This newfound attention has its downsides: Creators are using tired tropes to ride the wave of relevance — and some are even misrepresenting themselves as Latino for clout.

Damning report on antisemitism at U of T medical school sparks call for inquiry

Professor says hateful attitudes about Jews have been on the rise at the medical school for several years.

By Janet Hurley | Fri., Dec. 9, 2022 | Toronto Star

How the Recent AI-Generated Avatar Trend Perpetuates the Western Male Gaze

BY EMMALY ANDERSON IN FEMINISM | 9 December 2022 | Bust Magazine

Is the newest Instagram trend racist and sexist? Some users of the new app Lensa think so. #AI #Lensa

Animals Are Running Out of Places to Live

By Catrin Einhorn and Lauren Leatherby | Dec. 9, 2022 | NYTimes

WILDLIFE IS DISAPPEARING around the world, in the oceans and on land. The main cause on land is perhaps the most straightforward: Humans are taking over too much of the planet, erasing what was there before. Climate change and other pressures make survival harder.


‘Keep fighting’ to build strong communities: Naheed Nenshi

‘Community is not something that happens to us. Community is something that we create.’

Naheed Mustafa · Posted: Dec 09, 2022 | CBC

Human Rights Learning Forum

A Healing Journey: Understanding the Trauma of Hate and Bias

Ottawa Police | 8 Dec 2022 | 5:46:00


Passaggio: A story of transition, identity and love

‘Passaggio’ is a term from classical singing, describing the transition between vocal registers

Pamela Post · Posted: Dec 20, 2021 4:45 PM ET | Last Updated: December 8, 2022 | CBC

‘Passaggio’ is a documentary by Pamela Post about the transition of her transgender son, Asher, a serious performer of vocal music.  The story captures the pain and joy as Asher confronts medical procedures and the prospect of losing both his musical career and his partner.

Does antisemitism ‘count’? Why some Jewish activists believe it’s being ignored

Progressive left criticized for ignoring incidents of antisemitism

Mark Gollom · CBC News · Posted: Dec 08, 2022

Racism poses public health threat to millions worldwide, finds report

Discrimination has ‘profound’ effect on health of disadvantaged people, says Lancet review

Andrew Gregory | Thu 8 Dec 2022 23.30 GMT | The Guardian

Iranian forces shooting at faces and genitals of female protesters, medics say

Exclusive: Men and women coming in with shotgun wounds to different parts of bodies, doctors say

Deepa Parent and Ghoncheh Habibiazad | Thu 8 Dec 2022 15.55 GMT | The Guardian

The Queer Cultures That the Nazis Destroyed

An exhibition in Munich looks at the lives of some of the Third Reich’s lesser-known victims, reframing the way history is told.

By Valeriya Safronova | Dec. 7, 2022 | NYTimes



Chemist, artist, activist: Meet Canada’s first trans woman Rhodes Scholar

Julia Levy, 24, shines in chemistry, art and understanding what it’s like to be ‘othered’

Yvette Brend · CBC News · Posted: Dec 06, 2022


Employment helps adults with intellectual disabilities see what they’re capable of

HUNTER LACEY | December 5, 2022 | NPR

For the people in this population who get to experience employment, it’s a chance to prove to themselves and to others that they can contribute value. For so much of their lives, it’s apparent to them that they’re different. Many of the people they encounter don’t have high expectations for their abilities. But employment flips that on its head.

Imogene L Lim, PhD (she/her)

(on medical leave Fall 2022, please email)