A resource is now available to the VIU community, thanks to the work of Dr. Imogene Lim, Chair of the Human Rights and International Solidarity Committee (HRISC). The HRISC database brings attention to local and global events, issues, and resources for educators and students—from racism, climate change, Indigenous rights, inequality and more. The listing has been curated by Dr. Imogene Lim, with numerous suggestions offered by colleagues. Thanks to Kathryn (Katy) Rosnau, GLST (VIU 2022), the weekly lists distributed to the VIUFA membership were transformed into the database you see today. Laura Buechler, VIUFA Office Manager, is responsible for updating the database.

See the database here: VIUFA Human Rights and International Solidarity Committee Resource Database

How to use the Database
The database provides a variety of resources including articles, films, videos, and reports that speak to themes such as racism, discrimination, gender, sexuality, Indigenous rights, colonialism, and many other social justice issues. The resource can be used to search and to locate Canadian and global examples of these social justice issues.  We imagine these resources could could be incorporated into coursework and educational experiences in a variety of ways, depending on the learning outcomes, content, themes and instructional styles. The database is built in excel and is searchable under Subject, Themes or Context. As well, since there are a number of resource lists embedded, users can seek them directly under Format, then narrow the selection. The various months and days commemorated in Canada, also, can be found associated with resources by looking under Key Dates.

History of the Database
This database is the result of a response to the murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020 and the BLM movement. To support students and colleagues at that time, an initial list anti-racism resources was distributed. The curation and inclusion of resources in a database has continued since June 2020. With VIUFA HRISC taking the lead, the database is being made accessible to all. This is in response to the FPSE (Federation of Post-Secondary Educators) workplan for HRISC, 2021-22: “In support of Resolution 151 develop a database of anti-racism resources such as books, articles, workshops, webinars, campaigns and activist contact lists accessible to the membership.”

“Conversations need to begin — signing a petition is not enough. Let’s be uncomfortable; let’s create change–first we each need to acknowledge the racism that exists. Let this moment, not just be a moment.” (HRIS original BLM Statement, June, 2020).