The VIUFA University Budgetary Analysis Committee needs members.

The activities of this committee are:

  • Collect and collate VIU financial data
  • Request data from relevant sources as required
  • Analyze data
  • Present data and analysis to VIFUA Executive and VIUFA membership, as requested or where the committee deems it to be of value to the membership
  • Prepare financial data and reports to support bargaining
  • If indicated, prepare financial data and reports to assist VIUFA in activities relating to Collective Agreement Section finding alternatives to proposed layoffs for budgetary reasons.

We seek two VIUFA members; with the Chair, we will form a committee of three.  The Committee is required to meet twice a year, and may meet more often if circumstances require.

It will be grand!  So please let Judy, the VIUFA office manager (, know if you are interested.  If you have special knowledge or background that will help, such as an accounting background, please include that in your email.



Gara Pruesse, Chair,

University Budgetary Analysis Committee

Vancouver Island University Faculty Association