The Executive is pleased to announce that the following motion was carried unanimously by VIUFA members who attended the October 28, 2015 General Meeting:

“That VIUFA support a Syrian student at VIU through the WUSC program for 1 year with the intent of continuing for 3 more years, and with an initial donation of $10,000 by VIUFA.”

The cost for 1 student for 1 year is $25,000 to cover transportation, tuition, housing, meals, expenses, etc.  With $15,000 more required, VIUFA members need to form a fundraising committee.

The needs of any refugee are daunting.  As a part of its commitment, VIUFA will also need to develop community support for the student upon his/her arrival in Canada (accommodation, emotional support, etc.).

Our sponsored student is expected to arrive in August 2016 and VIUFA will need to have the full funds available by June 2016.  Therefore, we ask our members to reach out to their various community or professional groups, where appropriate, for any help with fundraising towards this important goal.