In Buy testosterone enanthate in USA enanthate solo course :Global Dressage Forum North America response to yesterday’s Globe and Mail article, Melissa Stephens, VIUFA’s Status of Women Chair posted the following to the VIU Status of Women Facebook page:

VIUFA condemns all forms of harassment. We support and advocate for faculty who experience this violence on campus.


At a time when women, in particular, are speaking out against sexual violence and receiving backlash from people who question their credibility, VIUFA recognizes the personal and professional risks that survivors take when disclosing or reporting such information.


Our faculty should expect and promote a workplace culture in which survivors can be heard and believed; our union serves faculty, provides resources, and supports action to protect our members. For example, we invest in executive positions for a Human Rights representative, a Status of Women representative, and we have recently created a position for representation of Indigenous issues.


It is never acceptable to enable others to commit acts of sexual harassment in the workplace or elsewhere.