UPDATE: The funding source mentioned below is no longer in use. Instead, all non-regular faculty can apply for funding via the SRCA website. Here is the link: https://research.viu.ca/internal-funding-opportunities.  – Sept. 2020

Following a vote by the membership at the 2017 VIUFA AGM, a $2000/year professional development fund for non-regular members has been established. This fund is meant for non-regulars who are ineligible for the Travel and Conference Proceedings Fund (i.e. less than 50% workload) or were hired after deadlines passed for either the VIUFA Research, Scholarly Activity, and Curriculum Development Fund or the Travel and Conference Proceedings Fund.

To be eligible, faculty must have non-regular status. Limited term contract instructors are ineligible.

See the  Terms of Reference for more information about this new opportunity, or download an application form.

Successful applicant? Use the VIUFA Expense Claim Form claim your funding.