As promised in our email of July 29, 2020, we are providing updates on retro payments and pay scale changes as they become available.

Payroll updated the VIUFA payscales on August 1st, 2020. The goal is that your biweekly pay on August 21st should reflect the change. Note that the August 21st pay may include time worked before August 1st so the first biweekly pay period that reflects the full change should be September 4th.

If all proceeds according to the goal implementation process in payroll, the retro period will include the time between April 1, 2019 and July 31, 2020.

Payroll is experiencing challenges due to COVID-19, new systems implementation, and limited staffing resources. As a result, retro payments may be delayed until November. Payroll noted that this goal time frame also includes a buffer period to allow for addressing potential problems in extracting the information from the systems. VIUFA has asked for a firm date as to when current, regular members will receive retro payments and we will receive an update from payroll when they have had a chance to fully assess the impacts of various challenges. Given the complexity of working with two payroll systems (the old Star Garden and the new Aurora/UBW), we have also asked payroll and HR to consider two retro payments, one from each system.

Retro payments will be further delayed for former employees. The challenge for payroll is that retro is calculated using “positions” and new positions need to be created in the new system for the calculation of each retroactive payment to a former employee. Again, we will report a firm date for retro payments for former employees when we have one.

Retro payments are a contractual obligation and the payments themselves are not in jeopardy.

VIUFA continues to work with HR and payroll to ensure a timely and fair process for the processing of retroactive pay.



Chris Jaeger and Laura Suski, VIUFA