Landscapes of Injustice Poster
“Why Remember? What Can the Dispossession of Japanese Canadians Teach Us 75 Years Later?”
Join us for a talk by Dr. Jordan Stanger-Ross, History Department, University of Victoria and Director of The Landscapes of Injustice Project.
“Landscapes of Injustice, A history all Canadians should know.  During the 1940’s Canada enacted mass displacement and dispossession of people on racial grounds, a collective moral failure that remains only partially addressed. Japanese Canadians lost their homes, farms, businesses, as well as personal, family and communal possessions. Landscapes of Injustice is dedicated to recovering and grappling with this difficult past” (
Thursday March 15th, 2018
Education Social Sciences Building 356, room 325
10:00am to 11:20am
Please contact Dr. Gillian Anderson, Department of Sociology, VIU  ( for further details.