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VIUFA 2016 Annual General Meeting

TO ALL VIUFA MEMBERS: Please be sure to mark your calendars for the 2016 Annual General Meeting set for Wednesday, April 13, 2016 from 10 AM to 2 PM in Bldg 355, Lecture Theatre (203). Lunch will be served across the hall in the Lounge (Room 211) from 11:45 to 12:45. Elections will follow the [...]

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Clarification of Changes to Benefits

VIUFA members, Please see the following notice and attached document from Colleen Price, VIUFA's Chief Steward, that was emailed to regular VIUFA members on Feb. 16, 2016: In response to several inquiries, please review this e-mail and the attached document. Visits to paramedicals (physio, chiropractors, massage therapy, etc.) are counted on a calendar year basis [...]

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VIUFA Community Engagement Award (2016)

The time has come again, VIUFA members, to nominate a student for the third annual Community Engagement Award. As you know, the $1,000 award honours students who have made a positive contribution to Vancouver Island University campus life through activism and community engagement. The award will be given to an outstanding student who demonstrates exceptional [...]

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VIUFA to Sponsor a Syrian Refugee Student

The Executive is pleased to announce that the following motion was carried unanimously by VIUFA members who attended the October 28, 2015 General Meeting: "That VIUFA support a Syrian student at VIU through the WUSC program for 1 year with the intent of continuing for 3 more years, and with an initial donation of $10,000 [...]

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Non-Instructional meeting schedule

Hello fellow VIUFA non-instructional members, I have arranged a schedule of monthly brown bag lunch meetings for VIUFA non-instructional members. The purpose of this meeting is to provide a forum for non-instructional VIUFA members to connect with each other and to have an ‘ear to the ground’ regarding issues of relevance to this sub-grouping of [...]

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VIUFA 2015 Community Engagement Award Winners

We are pleased to announce that there were two winners this year of our Community Engagement Award . . . congratulations to Sacia Burton and Rosa He. We received eight very impressive applications this year, and selecting a winner (or in this case winners) from the eight was not an easy task for the Selection [...]

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VIU designates 22 “non-gendered” washrooms at Nanaimo campus

Sent on behalf of the Positive Space Alliance, the Human Rights Advisory Committee, and Katrin Roth von Szepesbela, Director, Human Rights and Respectful Workplace  VIU recently designated 22 single-stall washrooms at the Nanaimo campus as “non-gendered.” These washrooms are no longer marked for use with the symbol designating use by men or women, and are [...]

VIU and VIUFA announce agreement for Elders in Residence

VIU's Office of the President and Vancouver Island University Faculty Association announce agreement for Elders in Residence A Letter of Agreement between Vancouver Island University and the VIU Faculty Association was signed on February 26, 2015 to properly honour the important and distinctive role the Elders-in-Residence hold in the University’s community. The first of its [...]

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TO ALL VIUFA MEMBERS: Please be sure to mark your calendars for the 2015 Annual General Meeting set for Tuesday, April 28, 2015 from 10 AM to 2 PM in Bldg 355, Lecture Theatre (203).  Lunch will be served across the hall in the Lounge (Room 211) from 11:45 to 12:45. Elections will follow the [...]

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FPSE launches Open the Doors campaign

We’ve all seen how chronic underfunding of post-secondary education has affected our faculty, our students, and their families. Since 2001, per-student operating grants have dropped 20 percent in BC, and the burden has been passed to students and their families in the form of increased user fees, record levels of debt, and shrinking program opportunities. [...]

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