fpse-logoWe’ve all seen how chronic underfunding of post-secondary education has affected our faculty, our students, and their families. Since 2001, per-student operating grants have dropped 20 percent in BC, and the burden has been passed to students and their families in the form of increased user fees, record levels of debt, and shrinking program opportunities.

The provincial government tells us we can’t afford to invest in post-secondary education, and that some programs deserve more funding than others.

It just doesn’t add up.

In the last 20 years BC’s GDP per capita has DOUBLED — and we’ve all seen the near-billion dollar surplus in the latest budget.

BC has the money to invest—but won’t.

This week, FPSE is launching a campaign to restore fully funded post-secondary education in BC.

We made two short films about the problem – this is the first.


We have powerful voices. Our province-wide polling shows that educators, not the provincial government, are the most trusted source on the subject of education (by a three-to-one margin!). Let’s remind our elected officials of this fact.

Now is the time to raise your voice in our community and make this campaign impossible to ignore. It’s time to make our move. Please visit the campaign site and share it with your friends and family.

Join the campaign here: http://www.openthedoors.ca/

Together, we can show this government that we can’t afford an education system that is second-best – in any area.

Sarah at OpenTheDoors.ca