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FPSE – 2015 Election Focus

FPSE – 2015 Election Focus

FPSE Election

In 26 days, we go to the polls.

As educators, we are used to making decisions about what’s best not just for us, but for our families, our students and their families, and our communities.

Our decision on Election Day is no different.

When we look back over the past decade, we must ask ourselves whether our lives and our students’ lives have improved under this government.

We must ask ourselves who will do the most for post-secondary education. Who will invest in research and innovation? Who will help students achieve their educational goals without drowning in debt? Who will work toward creating a society of engaged, informed, educated citizens?

As we get closer to voting day, I urge you to ask yourselves these questions. Learn about the major parties’ platforms. Go to your local all-candidates meetings. Research, analyze, investigate, and make an informed choice.

First, make sure you’re registered to vote. We’ve heard a lot of stories from people who aren’t registered despite having voted in the last election. You can find out if you’re registered here.

Once you’re registered, go vote. Sign the pledge to “Vote for Opportunity.” Then share the pledge with your friends, your family, and your co-workers. You don’t have to wait for Election Day – if you want to vote early, you can find out how here.

On October 19, let’s elect a government that cares about creating opportunities for all Canadians.

In solidarity,

Dr. George Davison, PhD
President, FPSE

2015 Election focus



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