For anyone interested in context for the war in Gaza that is not being shown in mainstream media, information about films available from the Media Education Foundation was provided to VIUFA HRISC by a member.

According to the Media Education Foundation e-newsletter, many of these films are being provided to view for free until January 22, 2024. They can be accessed through this YouTube playlist and include titles such as:

The Occupation of the American Mind
Life in Occupied Palestine
Constructing the Terrorist Threat
Not Backing Down
Norman Finkelstein
The War Around Us
Occupation 101
Reel Bad Arabs
Criminalizing Dissent
Edward Said: The Myth of the Clash of Civilizations
Arna’s Children
Live: From Bethlehem
Edward Said: On Orientalism
Understanding Israel/Palestine
Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land

After January 22, some of the films may be available through the Kanopy database, which is available via Vancouver Island Regional Library.

– V. Nygaard, HRISC Chair