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Dale Hunt
Local 6510






From the VIUFA Terms of Reference:


  1. chair meetings of their committee;
  2. attend meetings of their FPSE committee; and
  3. report on the activities of their committee to the Executive and to general meetings as required.


  • Endeavour to form a committee with a minimum of 3 VIUFA members (including the Chair), and meet at least twice annually;
  • Represent VIUFA at meetings of the FPSE Decolonization, Reconciliation and Indigenization Committee, and report back to the VIUFA Executive and to VIUFA General Meetings (as required) about the activities and decisions of the FSPE Committee;
  • Work cooperatively with other FPSE Decolonization, Reconciliation and Indigenization Committee representatives;
  • Attend Executive and General Membership Meetings;
  • Represent VIUFA on other committees or at meetings as requested by the President and VIUFA Executive; and
  • Report at Executive meetings and the Annual General Meeting.


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