Contact Information:

Jane Wodlinger
Local 6361

From the VIUFA Terms of Reference:

The Contract Negotiating Committee shall:

  1. develop contract proposals concerning salary and conditions of employment; and
  2. oversee negotiations with the representatives of Vancouver Island University.


The Chair of the Contract Negotiating Committee shall:

  1. chair meetings of the Contract Negotiating Committee;
  2. attend meetings of the appropriate FPSE Committee;
  3. represent the VIUFA in other venues as directed by the VIUFA Membership;
  4. chair the Bargaining Committee if one has been appointed by the Executive; and
  5. report on the activities of the committee(s) to the Executive and to general meetings as required.


  • Report back to the VIUFA Executive and members (as required) about the activities and decisions of the FPSE Bargaining Coordination Committee;
  • Represent the VIUFA in other venues and VIU committees as directed by the VIUFA Executive;
  • Attend and report at Labour/Management meetings;
  • Work with the VIUFA Labour Relations Advisor and Chief Personnel Steward on issues and cases related to Contract interpretation and enforcement;
  • Draft Contract language, Letters of Understanding, Letters of Agreement, Practice Letters and hiring protocol;
  • Educate VIUFA members about the Collective Agreement, particularly with reference to hiring practices;
  • Attend Executive and General Membership Meetings;
  • Represent VIUFA on other committees or at meetings as requested by the President and VIUFA Executive;
  • Report at Executive meetings and the Annual General Meeting;
  • Be a signing officer in relation to VIUFA’s operations; and
  • Attend Table Officers’ meetings.

4 Sections of Release (5 sections in a bargaining year)