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See Article XII of VIUFA’s By-Laws for a description of the various Committees.

Apart from the those listed under the heading “Executive”, VIUFA has the following Committees:

Shop Stewards’ Committee

The function of the Shop Stewards at VIUFA is to administer the Collective Agreement.  If a situation arises where a provision of the Collective Agreement is violated, then our Committee will move to stop that action and seek an appropriate remedy.  You should contact your Shop Steward if you have a complaint and he/she will bring your complaint to the Chief Steward.  Click on the following link for a list of the current Shop Stewards’ Committee members.


Contract Negotiating Committee/Bargaining Committee

VIUFA’s Bargainer (currently Laura Suski) is the Chair of the two above-noted Committees.  Prior to commencing bargaining with the Employer, a Contract Negotiating Committee is formed to meet with the membership and develop new contract proposals.  They also oversee negotiations with the Employer’s representatives.  The Bargaining Committee negotiates the renewal of the Collective Agreement.  As the most recent Collective Agreement does not expire until 2019, these two Committees are not currently active but will be reinstated in 2018 to begin developing new contract proposals and subsequently bargaining.

Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee (JOHSC)

This Committee has a mandate to advise, assist and make recommendations on policy and procedures which will improve the health and safety of faculty, staff, students and the general public while on VIU campuses.  Two representatives from each union on campus (VIUFA, BCGEU and CUPE) are on the JOHSC.  VIUFA’s current representatives are Chris Alemany and Jessie Key.