Collective Agreement 2014-2019 (Current)


PDFs of current and previous Collective Agreements.

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Collective Agreement Part 1 – Preliminary

1.         PRELIMINARY   1.1       PREAMBLE   This Agreement applies to all faculty members of Vancouver Island University as described in Article 2.1.                      (Note:  Language derived from that which was negotiated at a sectorial bargaining process and that has been harmonized into this Collective Agreement is presented in italics.)   1.2       TERM OF AGREEMENT/CONTINUATION [...]

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Collective Agreement Part 2 – Union Security

2.         UNION SECURITY 2.1       UNION RECOGNITION   2.1.1           The University recognizes that the Association is the exclusive bargaining authority for all faculty members who are employed as University professors, instructors, counsellors, librarians and technicians at and from Vancouver Island University except instructors employed in the Vocational Division and Continuing Education.   2.1.2           The question of [...]

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Collective Agreement Part 4 – Categories of Employees

4.         CATEGORIES OF EMPLOYEES 4.1       CLASSIFICATION OF EMPLOYEES   For the purpose of identification within this agreement only, the terms "Regular Faculty Member", "Temporary Faculty Member" and “Limited Term Contract Instructors” are defined in Articles 4.1.1, 4.1.2, and 4.1.4, and the primary areas of responsibility of the “Professor”, "Instructor" and "Non‑instructional Faculty Member" are set [...]

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Collective Agreement Part 5 – Grievance Procedures and Arbitration

5.         GRIEVANCE PROCEDURES AND ARBITRATION   5.1       GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE - GENERAL   5.1.1       Differences between the parties bound by this agreement concerning its interpretation, application, operation or any violation thereof, and any questions as to whether any matter is arbitrable shall, if possible, be resolved by informal discussions.   Grievance Procedure – Steps   If [...]

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Collective Agreement Part 6 – Seniority, Promotions, Hiring and Layoffs

6.         SENIORITY, PROMOTIONS, HIRING AND LAYOFFS   6.1       PROBATIONARY EMPLOYEES   6.1.1           First Regular Faculty Appointments   Initial appointments for all regular faculty are for a probationary period of two years.   6.2       CALCULATION OF REGULAR SENIORITY   6.2.1           The means of establishing seniority within the bargaining unit, as defined in Article 2.1 of this [...]

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Collective Agreement Part 7 – Evaluation

7.         EVALUATION   7.1       Purpose of Evaluation   The overarching purpose of faculty evaluation is to maintain excellence of instruction, and of service, at the university.   In order to achieve this purpose, several processes are available.   7.1.1    TERMINOLOGY   The following definitions are intended to provide clarity around the terms, and the relations [...]

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Collective Agreement Part 8 – Personnel Records, Discipline, Suspension and Discharge

8.         PERSONNEL RECORDS, DISCIPLINE, SUSPENSION AND DISCHARGE 8.1       PERSONNEL FILE   During normal working hours, and in the presence of a Human Resources Office staff member, every faculty member has the right of access to his/her personnel file.   8.2       DISCIPLINE   8.2.1           The employment of a faculty member shall not be terminated except for [...]

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Collective Agreement Part 9 – Renewal of Appointment

9.         RENEWAL OF APPOINTMENT   9.1              Limited Term Contracts Where possible, subject to, limited term contracts will be offered in order to temporarily replace regular faculty who are on a leave of absence. Limited term contract offerings will not be withheld for reasons related to budget or a review of the pool of potential [...]

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Collective Agreement Part 10 – Hours of Work/Workload

10.       HOURS OF WORK/WORKLOAD 10.1     ACADEMIC YEAR FOR REGULAR FACULTY MEMBERS   10.1.1         Regular faculty members are normally appointed on the basis of a twelve-month academic year which runs from August 1 to July 31.      Limited term contract faculty members are normally appointed on the basis of a twelve-month academic year which runs [...]

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Collective Agreement Part 11 – Salaries and Allowances

11.       SALARIES AND ALLOWANCES 11.1     SALARIES 11.1.1         A faculty member shall be paid an annual salary in accordance with the following rates. Payment of wages will be processed on a biweekly basis and will be deposited directly to the credit of the faculty member’s account at a Canadian financial institution of the faculty member’s choice. [...]

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Collective Agreement Part 12 – Leave, Paid and Unpaid, Professional Development and Scholarly Activity

12.       LEAVE, PAID AND UNPAID, PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND SCHOLARLY ACTIVITY   12.2     VACATIONS   12.2.1         The employer shall provide each regular instructional and limited            term contract faculty member, counsellor, advisor, and librarian who             works a full annual workload with forty-four (44) days of paid vacation   in each year, exclusive of statutory holidays [...]

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Collective Agreement Part 13 – Health, Insurance and Pension Benefits

13.       HEALTH, INSURANCE AND PENSION BENEFITS   Information on the benefit entitlements identified in this Article is available on the Human Resources Website (Benefit Plans) at  Whenever a change to these benefits occurs, the Chief Personnel Steward will be notified in writing by the Human Resources Department.   13.1     Eligibility for Benefits   [...]

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Collective Agreement Part 14 – Protection of Employees

14.       PROTECTION OF EMPLOYEES 14.3     DISCRIMINATION AND HARASSMENT   The University and the Association recognize the right of employees to work in, and students to study in, an atmosphere free from discrimination and harassment.  All employees and students have the right to employment and equal treatment without discrimination or harassment because of the race, colour, [...]

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