2. Collective Agreement Part 2 – Union Security

2.        UNION SECURITY 2.1       UNION RECOGNITION 2.1.1           The University recognizes that the Association is the exclusive bargaining authority for all faculty members who are employed as University professors, instructors, counsellors, librarians and technicians at and from Vancouver Island University except instructors employed in the Vocational Division and Continuing Education. 2.1.2           The question of inclusion or exclusion of a new position created by the University will be negotiated with the Association prior to [...]

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3. Collective Agreement Part 3 – Personnel Records, Discipline, Suspension and Discharge

3.         PERSONNEL RECORDS, DISCIPLINE, SUSPENSION AND DISCHARGE 3.1       PERSONNEL FILE During normal working hours, and in the presence of a Human Resources Office staff member, every faculty member has the right of access to their personnel file. 3.2       DISCIPLINE 3.2.1           The employment of a faculty member shall not be terminated except for just cause. 3.2.2           The President or their designate shall state in writing the facts believed to constitute just cause for the [...]

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