15.       GENERAL


15.1.1         It is recognized that faculty involvement in curriculum and program development is vital for the maintenance of the quality of instruction at Vancouver Island University.  Further, as faculty are expected to maintain currency within areas of expertise and are provided opportunity to do so, it is essential that faculty are recognized as key players in both curriculum and program change and development.

15.1.2         The process of curriculum and program changes and development will involve faculty, chairs and Deans within each program group.  Each program group will establish methodology incorporating the above that will satisfy the respective needs of the program or discipline group.

15.1.3         The process does not negate the possibility of either program or curriculum changes emanating from other sources but where this does occur the aforementioned group is to have a meaningful part in the curriculum and program development process.

15.2     EARLY RETIREMENT INCENTIVE (Ended July 31, 2018)

15.2.1         A faculty member who received an ERI from VIU may not teach more than one course per term or two courses per academic year after retiring.

15.3     Continuation of Vancouver Island University Faculty Privileges

Non-regular faculty shall continue to have access to the following Vancouver Island University services and facilities for the twelve (12) months following the end of their last employment with Vancouver Island University:

a) e-mail;
b) library, with the exception of interlibrary loans;
c) computers and networks that are accessible to students.