5.       GENERAL



15.1.1         It is recognized that faculty involvement in curriculum and program development is vital for the maintenance of the quality of instruction at Vancouver Island University.  Further, as faculty are expected to maintain currency within areas of expertise and are provided opportunity to do so, it is essential that faculty are recognized as key players in both curriculum and program change and development.


15.1.2         The process of curriculum and program changes and development will involve faculty, chairs and Deans within each program group.  Each program group will establish methodology incorporating the above that will satisfy the respective needs of the program or discipline group.


15.1.3         The process does not negate the possibility of either program or curriculum changes emanating from other sources but where this does occur the aforementioned group is to have a meaningful part in the curriculum and program development process.




15.2.1         Until the end of the 2017-2018 Academic Year, the University may offer, or the faculty member may request a choice of one of the early retirement incentive alternatives described herein provided the faculty member meets the following qualifications:


  1. a) is age 55 or over


  1. b) has a minimum of ten years pensionable service


  1. c) is a regular faculty member on continuing appointment at the time of early retirement


  1. d) is not eligible for future incremental progression


  1. e) retires from his/her regular position




15.2.2         A regular faculty member has the right to accept or decline an early retirement incentive offer made by the University within ten (10) working days of the offer being proposed.


15.2.3         In the event of acceptance of an offer of early retirement, a regular faculty member’s date of retirement shall be effective on a date mutually agreed upon between the regular faculty member and the President.  That date shall be during the contract year in which the offer occurred.


15.2.4         During the Academic Year 2015-2016, the University shall make available a fund equal to three times the annual salary of a faculty member at the top of the faculty salary scale. During the Academic Year 2016-2017, the University shall make available a fund equal to two times the annual salary of a faculty member at the top of the faculty salary scale. During the Academic Year 2017-2018, the University shall make available a fund equal to one times the annual salary scale of a faculty member at the top of the faculty salary scale.


15.2.5         Eligible employees may apply for an early retirement incentive up to a maximum of the value of their annual salary.  Employees aged 60 to 64 years at the time of the offer of the incentive will have the incentive pro-rated as follows:




Age at Retirement

Percentage of Annual Salary At Time of Retirement as the Basis of the Incentive




60 80%
61 60%
62 40%
63 20%
64 0%


15.2.6          Subject to the limits in Article 15.2.5, each faculty member receiving an ERI will receive an amount calculated as follows:


Member Seniority

———————-   * 3 (or the appropriate multiplier        * Annual    Total Seniority                as identified in 15.2.4)                    Top of Scale




Where Total Seniority is the sum of the number of years of seniority of all applicants receiving an Early Retirement Incentive.  For the purposes of this calculation, the number of years of seniority for a person receiving the maximum benefit pursuant to Article 15.2.5 shall be deemed to be exactly the number necessary to generate that maximum amount.  The seniority shall be calculated as of the first pay in August of the year in which the application is made.


The process for allocation of the ERI shall be as follows:


(a)  The deadline for applications shall be the last business day of

(b)   Once all applications have been received, an initial calculation

shall be made to determine the minimum amount each applicant shall receive should all applicants accept the ERI offers.
(c)   The amount of the faculty member’s ERI offer shall be communicated to the faculty member within five business days of the last business day of October.
(d)   A faculty member wishing to accept the offer must communicate her or his acceptance by the end of the 5th business day following the receipt of the Early Retirement Incentive calculation.  The applicant’s acceptance or rejection of the offer shall be in writing or via E-mail to the Executive Director of Human Resources.
(e)   the calculation of the value of the ERI shall be redone using only the seniority of those faculty members accepting the original offer, and that (equal or higher) value shall be the amount the faculty member receives as her or his ERI.       Where there is any residual money left, that residual shall be allocated to the Faculty Association P.D. fund referred to in Article 12.3.1 (b).


15.2.7         Agreement shall be in writing and shall specify the early retirement date with the incentive option agreed upon.


15.2.8         Payment of the early retirement incentive will be scheduled according to the mutual agreement of the University and the faculty member but will not extend beyond the faculty member’s 65th birthday.


15.2.9         A faculty member receiving an ERI may not teach more than one course per term or two courses per academic year after retiring.


  1. Subject to approval by the Appropriate Senior Administrator, faculty members who are offered early retirement incentives may choose to postpone their date of retirement for two (2) years by means of a one-time reduction of their workload. The combined payout of the early retirement incentive and salary for part-time work in each fiscal year shall not exceed the salary the faculty members would receive if they were working full time.  Any unpaid balance will be paid out at the end of the two-year period.  The full regular position shall be posted at the end of the two years, in accordance with Article 9.3.1.
  2. The portion of the workload of a temporary faculty member who is replacing the work of a regular faculty member in accordance with a) above, shall not be eligible to be counted for regularization purposes.


15.3     Continuation of Vancouver Island University Faculty Privileges


  • Non-regular faculty shall continue to have access to the following Vancouver Island University services and facilities for the twelve (12) months following the end of their last employment with Vancouver Island University:
  1. e-mail;
  2. library, with the exception of interlibrary loans;
  3. computers and networks that are accessible to students.