The Vancouver Island University Faculty Association agrees to the interim arrangement proposed by the University as defined and outlined below:

Definition:                  Workload Averaging Leave is a partial unassisted averaging salary across two semesters available, on the recommendation of a Dean and the approval of the appropriate Vice President, to regular, full‑time faculty at the top of their salary scale.


  1. The University will pay its share of health and insurance coverage during the leave providing the faculty member’s workload for the academic year is 0.50 or greater.
  1. Workload Averaging Leaves can be used to defer, but not prepay salaries.
  1. Averaging must be across two semester within an academic year but not across academic years.
  1. There must be a minimum of one section of instruction or seven hours per week of non‑instructional workload in any term.
  1. The provisions of Workload Averaging Leave must be in accordance with any language arising from the provincial Framework Agreement.
  1. This provision can be utilized in consecutive academic years to a maximum time period not to exceed the equivalent of three years as provided in F.7.1.1 of the current collective agreement.

The parties agree to review this letter of agreement during the term of the collective agreement with the goal of incorporating the provisions of the letter of agreement into the collective agreement.