From time to time, developments in an area or changes to Deans’ assignments may make it desirable to create an elected Area Chair position.  The University administration may elect to create new Area Chair positions following consultation with faculty in the area about the need for the position and the appropriate term of the position (see below).  All such positions will be posted internally.  The position of Area Chair will remain within the appropriate Bargaining Unit.

  1. Chairs will be elected by a majority vote of faculty in the area. The Dean and each regular staff member will be eligible to cast a vote.  The election will be by secret ballot.  In the case of a single candidate, a ballot will be used to ensure that the candidate is supported by a majority of eligible voters.
  1. Any faculty member holding a regular position in the area will be eligible to stand for election as Area Chair.
  1. The position of Area Chair will be for a period of up to three (3) years, with terms commencing August 1, January 1 or May 1 after consultation with the faculty. Faculty will resume their normal duties at the expiry of their term.
  1. Elections of Area Chairs will be held at least six (6) months before the term commences.


Release time for Area Chair positions shall be at least a half‑time workload with additional release time by agreement between the two parties taking the following factors into account:

  • number of programs/departments for which the chair is responsible
  • number of FTE faculty and FTE students in the area
  • complexity and demands of the program and responsibilities
  • role of the dean
  • number of students in the program/courses
  • number of faculty in the program/courses
  • number of new programs (required or approved), faculty or departments
  • degree of collaboration required with other agencies, institutions or certifying bodies
  • number, size and diversity of educational service contracts
  • degree of planning required in the area (e.g. new facilities planning)


When the position of Area Chair falls within the VIUFA, the duties and responsibilities must not conflict with provisions of the Vancouver Island University/Vancouver Island University Faculty Association Collective Agreement.  The job description should be generic, and reflect duties across the University; and allow for the job description to be adapted to meet needs of the Area.


  1. Budgets:
  • Prepares the capital budgets, annual operating budget, mid-year review and/or other budgets for review by the Dean, who retains responsibility as budget-holder
  • Monitors budget expenditures
  • Has Level 3 operating fund signing authority.
  1. Works with Departments to coordinate the faculty hiring process in accordance with the Collective Agreement.
  1. Supervises special projects (e.g. B.A. General Degree) as assigned by the Dean.
  1. Manages Area office as assigned by the Dean.
  1. Represents the Area Faculty at meetings and on internal and external committees as assigned by the Dean.
  1. At the Dean’s request, Chairs or Faculty meetings.
  1. Coordinates program admission and timetable requirements and initiates changes in cooperation with the Chair(s) and the Dean.
  1. Assists the Chair(s) in arranging faculty replacement as required, in accordance with the Human Resources policy.
  1. Assists the Dean and Chair(s) in the drafting of instructional policies and procedures.
  1. Chairs the Area Workload Committee in accordance with the Collective Agreement.
  1. Shares responsibility with the Dean to promote courses and programs.
  1. Responsible for the development and management of educational service contracts as required by the Dean.
  1. Where there is an elected Chair in accordance with this agreement, Chairs are responsible for faculty evaluation, notwithstanding Article H.3.
  1. Coordinates orientation of new faculty in consultation with Departments and the Dean.
  1. Consults as required with regional campuses regarding program delivery and management.
  1. Student complaints and grade appeals are the initial responsibility of the Chair, who will refer unresolved cases to the Dean.
  1. Carries out other duties as agreed with the Dean.