Courses in the Dental Hygiene Diploma program that are considered as unconventional for the purposes of calculating workload are:


DENH 150      Dental Hygiene Foundations I (clinic portion)

DENH 155      Dental Sciences I (lab portion)

DENH 160      Dental Hygiene Foundations II (clinic portion)

DENH 169      Radiology (lab portion)

DENH 171      Dental Hygiene Clinic I

DENH 251      Dental Hygiene Clinic II
DENH 261      Dental Hygiene Clinic III

DENH 271      Dental Hygiene Clinic IV


Regular[1] faculty members will normally have annual teaching assignment that include courses from both those listed above (unconventional) and those not listed above that are part of the approved program matrix.


No regular full-time faculty member will have a teaching assignment that is solely comprised of the courses listed above. Non-regular faculty members with an annual teaching assignments equal or more than 0.75 FTE will normally have a workload inclusive of some conventional instruction.


Signed 2006



[1] Refers to both regular full-time and regular part-time status