Using “LOA #8: Workload (Class Size Maxima)” as the primary term of reference, the parties agree to create a new working group on class size that contemplates current University challenges with waitlists and student demand in parallel with current workload models and workload challenges experienced by faculty across the disciplines. The group will address various teaching methods including lecture, laboratory, and online classes, as well as related factors in the assignment of workload such as space allocation. The working group may also explore the concept of workload as the number of students overall, rather than as section-based. The purpose of the working group is to update the current class size model and not to create additional workload.

The working group will be composed of an equal number of VIUFA members and Administrators and complete its work by March 31, 2022. The specific mandate is to produce a draft LOA that will be recommended to replace LOA #8 in the next collective agreement.