A Joint Rehabilitation Committee made up of three representatives from the Association and three representatives from VIU (at least two of which will be from HR) will develop their own terms of reference and processes to reflect the following principles:

  1. The Joint Early Intervention Program will be jointly managed.
  2. Where an employee is absent for five (5) or more consecutive days of work or where it appears that there is a pattern of consistent or frequent absence from work, an employee may be referred for participation in the Early Intervention Program. If an employee is referred, the employee must participate in the Early Intervention Program.
  3. The purpose of the program is rehabilitative. The program is not punitive in nature and will not be used adversely as part of any disciplinary proceedings.
  4. The employee will provide the information necessary for the employer, the union and the disability management services provider to determine the employee’s prognosis for early, managed return to work.
  5. All information provided to the committee or to the disability management services provider will be in confidence and all records will be confidential. Managers will only be provided with information necessary for rehabilitative employment.
  6. An employee enrolled into the program is entitled to union representation, and the union agrees to maintain the confidentiality of the employee’s medical and related records.