For the academic year 2004-05, the University will provide up to two sections of release time for “Teaching Scholars” to provide additional professional development, facilitation and leadership opportunities for instructional faculty.

The Teaching Scholars’ responsibilities will have four components:

  • active participation on the Teaching and Learning Centre team
  • organization and facilitation of professional development in the are of expertise
  • consulting the individuals and/or departmental groups in the area of expertise
  • scholarly activity such as conference presentations, articles, etc. in the area of expertise.

Instructional faculty will be invited to apply to the Teaching Scholars selection committee, comprised of two faculty members associated with the Teaching and Learning Centre and one administrator appointed by the Vice-President, Academic. Applicants will be requested to indicate departmental support for their application and provide their semester availability. These positions are not available on an overload status.

Teaching Scholars will be selected for specific areas of expertise. Examples include, but are not limited to, organization of a mentorship or peer coaching program; integrating technology with teaching and learning; internationalizing the curriculum; curriculum development; assessment of learning.

This initiative may continue only if sufficient funding is available and program evaluation supports continuation. This Letter may be extended by mutual agreement of the parties.