This Letter is written in consideration of the fact that the Vancouver Island University is by an Act of the BC Legislature a special purpose teaching university with no workload provision to its faculty members for research; that faculty members may be engaged in research and scholarly activity that is in excess of what may be required as part of their workload at VIU; and that such activity may nonetheless be relevant to accreditation processes for their department or program.


In consideration of the above, the parties agree that disclosure of a faculty member’s research and scholarly activity may be requested from the faculty member by the Employer for the purposes of accreditation, program approval, program promotion, or for statistical purposes. The purpose(s) of the disclosure will be stated in the request, and the information obtained thereby will be used only for the purpose(s) for which it was obtained. Specifically, such information cannot be used as a basis for professional concern.


This Letter of Agreement does not impose limitations on a Dean’s ability to evaluate a faculty member for failing to remain current in their field.