NAME:                               DEPARTMENT:                                            DATE:                             



a) Highest degree or diploma              

Institution:                                                       Date: _________________

b) Equivalent granted in lieu of degree or diploma:                                                                               

Description of experience used to grant equivalency:


INITIAL MINIMUM PLACEMENT:                                                      STEP F1-1                                                                            

c) Related Study:

  1. If Diploma or equivalent, subtract one step for one year of related study.             
  2. If Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, subtract one step for one year of additional study,                                                                                                     

OR two steps for two or more years of additional study.                                      

SUBTOTAL EDUCATION CREDIT: (minimum placement plus related study)                                                                                     

PART II EXPERIENCE CREDIT (see over for details)

Experience which is used to establish equivalency above

cannot again be used for experience credit.

  1. Full-time equivalent employment directly related to primary assignment

obtained after completion of the first diploma, degree or teaching certificate

in the field as defined in Article

Date of first diploma or degree:

                                                                                              ____(# of years) x 1.00

  1. Full-time equivalent employment related to field, obtained after

completion of the first diploma or degree in the field as defined

in Article

Date of first diploma or degree:

                                                                                              ____(# of years) x 0.50


SUBTOTAL EXPERIENCE CREDIT:                                                                                                  

TOTAL EDUCATION CREDIT plus EXPERIENCE CREDIT =                                                                                     

(>.50 round up; <.50 round down)

Normal maximum placement will be F1-8

INITIAL SALARY PLACEMENT:                                                                   STEP                                                                           

APPEAL: (11.4.3) Any appeal regarding initial salary placement must be initiated within ninety (90) days of commencing duty at the University or within sixty (60) days of receiving the placement form, whichever is later.  Appeals should be directed to the Salary Placement Appeals Committee Chairman.



Date                                                                          Associate Vice-President, Human Resources or Designate




  1. Initial salary placement will take place upon appointment. Upon reappointment of temporary faculty, salary placement will not take place unless such reappointment occurs more than one academic year after the expiry of the last temporary appointment.


  1. Experience directly related to primary assignment will include: teaching for those employed as instructors, counselling when employed as a counsellor, all librarian assignments for those employed as librarians, and all experience as related to the position for which they were hired.


  1. Research at the post‑Doctoral level, and/or senior administrative experience in the field of hire or in the public education sector will be included as experience directly related to primary assignment.


  1. Teaching assistantships or other similar teaching assignments done while working on a Master’s or PhD will not be given extra credit unless the teaching assignment constitutes a full‑time workload.


  1. Part‑time teaching experience will be pro‑rated based on a two‑semester teaching year. Other part‑time work experience will be pro‑rated based on a 35 hour work week and 12‑month year.  In no event shall more than one year experience credit be granted for experience in any 12‑month period.


  1. Teaching of non‑credit courses is not included.


  1. The decimal fraction of a year’s experience leading to initial salary placement will not be carried forward to salary incremental progression.


  1. Only credentials from accredited institutions will be recognized when awarding initial minimum placement and for incremental progression based on completion of Master’s or Doctorate degrees.


  1. The decision of the Salaries Placement Appeals Committee is final.