The Parties agree that participation in international education is important and valuable, enhancing student and faculty opportunities.

The Parties agree that this Article shall govern the terms and conditions for faculty who travel outside Canada and the U.S. to perform assigned work pursuant to the collective agreement.

17.1  General

a) Faculty participation in international education is voluntary.

b) Subject to Article 17.1 (d) below, the terms and conditions of the Collective Agreement will apply.

c) The University will meet and review the terms and conditions for each assignment outside Canada and the U.S. with the faculty member participating in an international education project.

d) Should an international education project require the interpretation of the workload provisions of the Collective Agreement, the University will apply to the faculty such workload expectations as are reasonably equivalent to those workload expectations that would normally apply.


a) The University will reimburse, pursuant to Policy 42.08, receipted expenses incurred by a faculty member while on University The University may grant a sufficient travel advance to cover those expenses that can reasonably be anticipated prior to travel, including appropriate transportation, accommodation and meal expenses.

b) The University will waive the requirement that receipts be provided in situations where these are not reasonably obtainable. In such cases, a per diem allowance consistent with Policy 42.08 will be provided to the faculty member.


17.3.1 Subject to eligibility pursuant to the Collective Agreement, Vancouver Island University will provide current health and welfare benefits coverage for faculty working under this article. Premiums for this coverage will continue to be paid as if the faculty member was continuing to work for the University in British Columbia.


a) Dental expenses incurred will be reimbursed based on the British Columbia fee schedule in effect under the University’s group policy.

b) Benefit coverage will not extend beyond the date the policy or any benefits terminate with the University insurance carrier.

c) When a faculty member is working in countries where payment for medical services may require cash payment, the faculty member will submit their claim to the insurance carrier for reimbursement of such expenses. The University will advance monies in such instances if there is an anticipated delay from the insurance carrier.

d) A faculty member will be referred to the Human Resources Department to clarify the benefit and travel medical insurance coverage.

e) In no event will a faculty member who is eligible for benefits receive greater benefits than they would have been covered for while employed at their home campus.

17.3.2  Notwithstanding the provisions of 17.3.1, in cases where a faculty member does not have Extended Health Benefit Coverage, the University will supply travel medical insurance.  Article 17.3 also applies to travel in the United States.


The Faculty of International Education shall maintain procedures for dealing with emergencies while working overseas and shall provide same to a faculty member as part of their orientation.


Faculty working under this Article will receive an orientation prior to departure that includes but is not limited to:

a) The project;

b) The culture and country;

c) Travel, safety or medical concerns, benefits issues;

d) Emergency procedures; and

e) Other issues related to the work.

17.6  RETURN

The University will arrange the scheduling of international work in such a way that faculty members will be provided up to three (3) days inclusive of required travel time between the completion of their international education assignments before assuming regular duties at the institution.  The duration of travel shall be a factor in determining the number of days off upon return.  This will not apply in situations where a faculty member elects to extend their stay through the use of vacation.