During normal working hours, and in the presence of a Human Resources Office staff member, every faculty member has the right of access to their personnel file.

3.2       DISCIPLINE

3.2.1           The employment of a faculty member shall not be terminated except for just cause.

3.2.2           The President or their designate shall state in writing the facts believed to constitute just cause for the disciplinary dismissal of a faculty member.  When this statement is prepared, a copy shall be given to the faculty member and the Association Steward and the faculty member shall be advised of their right to seek the assistance of the Association.

3.2.3           Other Disciplinary Action        Other disciplinary action includes written censures and letters of reprimand.  A faculty member shall be sent a copy of any such document (at the time of filing) placed on the faculty member’s personnel file.  The faculty member is to provide immediate written acknowledgment of receipt of the copy.        In response to any such documents placed in a faculty member’s personnel file, a faculty member shall be entitled to prepare a statement and include it in said file.        Upon the faculty member’s request, any such document shall be removed from the faculty member’s personnel file after the expiration of three years or at the end of their current contract whichever is longer provided there has not been a further infraction.


3.3.1            Where the employer arranges a formal meeting with a faculty member which it expects will result in discipline, the faculty member will have the right to have a union representative present in such a meeting.         Any alleged non-compliance with Article 3.3.1 shall not render void any disciplinary action but will result in a reconvening of the meeting with union representation.  If a reconvened meeting becomes necessary only the information from the reconvened meeting shall be considered by the employer.