VIUFA members,

Please see the following notice and attached document from Colleen Price, VIUFA’s Chief Steward, that was emailed to regular VIUFA members on Feb. 16, 2016:

In response to several inquiries, please review this e-mail and the attached document.

Visits to paramedicals (physio, chiropractors, massage therapy, etc.) are counted on a calendar year basis and so each January 1, a new claim period starts.

Note the co-pay (deductible) is now $50 for each year and it may be counted towards paramedical services.

Each of the paramedical services stands on its own, i.e., first 5 physiotherapist, first 5 massage, so combinations of professional services are not counted. There is a combination, however, with Chiropractor/Naturopath:
Chiropractor/Naturopath: $200 per calendar year, limited to a maximum of $10 reimbursement per visit for the first five (5) visits during any calendar year, combined with naturopath, subject to an overall maximum of $500 per family per calendar year, combined with naturopath.

Please contact Neil McLeod or myself at the VIUFA office (Ext. 6339, Monday to Wednesday) if you have any further questions.

Colleen Price,
Chief Steward, VIUFA

Summary of Changes Jan 2016 and Jan 2017