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Clay Armstrong
Local 2421


From the VIUFA Terms of Reference:

The Committee of Personnel Stewards shall:

  1. evaluate current policies and recommend new policies regarding faculty appointments, dismissals, promotions, tenure, leaves and work-loads;
  2. assist the Chief Personnel Steward in carrying out the duties assigned to her/him by the Collective Agreement between the Association and Vancouver Island University, including:
    1. clarifying and interpreting the language of the collective agreement;
    2. supporting members and acting as an advocate for members; and
  • making recommendations to the negotiating committee regarding the collective agreement.

The Chief Personnel Steward shall:

  1. chair the Committee of Personnel Stewards;
  2. ensure all issues related to contract interpretation are dealt with in a timely manner;
  3. attend meetings of the appropriate FPSE Committee; and
  4. report on the activities of the committee to the Executive and to general meetings as required.


  • Work closely with the Labour Relations Advisor to receive inquiries and concerns from members, investigate and, if warranted, take those concerns through the informal and formal grievance processes as specified in the Collective Agreement;
  • Interpret and enforce the Collective Agreement, Letters of Agreement and Letters of Understanding;
  • Provide advice to members regarding their rights under the Collective Agreement;
  • Supervise and provide training for Faculty/Area Stewards;
  • Work closely with members of the Executive Committee and consult as required;
  • Attend meetings with members at either the request of the member or the employer regarding discipline and/or other issues that involve their work or contractual obligations;
  • Be available for consultation with Senior Administrators, Faculty Deans, Department Chairs and Human Resources Advisors on matters related to the Collective Agreement;
  • Approve routine and non-routine variations to the Collective Agreement;
  • Sign off on Letters of Agreement and Letters of Understanding;
  • Identify emerging labour relations issues that need to be addressed;
  • Identify Articles of the Collective Agreement that require work at the bargaining table;
  • Consult FPSE staff representative on arbitrations and as required;
  • Attend and report at Labour/Management meetings;
  • Attend the FPSE Contract Administration Review Committee meetings and the FPSE Annual General Meeting;
  • Attend Executive and General Membership Meetings;
  • Represent VIUFA on other committees or at meetings as requested by the President and VIUFA Executive;
  • Report at Executive meetings and the Annual General Meeting;
  • Be a signing officer in relation to VIUFA’s operations; and
  • Attend Table Officers’ meetings.

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