You may or may not have seen a current Posting [#17-4006] for the position of “Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Specialist” in the Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning.

It is posted as a temporary full-time position to run from August 1, 2017 to July 31, 2019.

If you are interested after reviewing the posting description and the required qualifications, please note the following statement in the Duties’ section:

“The Centre is seeking to fill one position to work in all four areas with a preference given to applicants who are faculty members of Vancouver Island University.(emphasis added).

Given this stated preference, your Faculty Association thought it should direct your attention to the ‘Internal Transfer’ provision of the Collective Agreement (and, in particular, Article as revised in the last round of bargaining) that allows for transfer to another position Apomorphin Erektile Dysfunktion within the VIUFA bargaining unit for a maximum of three years, with full rights of status upon return and the accrual of seniority.

Please note that the Posting period closes February 1, 2017.