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Amelia Horsburgh
Local 2120



From the VIUFA Terms of Reference:

The Associate Bargainer position is not a permanent position. It will normally be held during a year of formal collective bargaining and for one year only. The position will ordinarily be held by a VIUFA member interested in learning about the duties and responsibilities of the Chair of Contract Negotiations, and who is considering chairing the Bargaining Committee in future rounds of collective bargaining. The decision as to whether an Associate Bargainer position will be offered will be made by the VIUFA Executive.


  • Voting member of the VIUFA Executive;
  • Sit on the Contract Negotiating Committee;
  • Sit on the Bargaining Committee;
  • Assist the Chair of Contract Negotiations where appropriate;
  • Attend meetings and sit on committees as directed by the Chair of Contract Negotiations; and
  • Become familiar with the Collective Agreement provisions.

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