Deadline Approaching: VIUFA Union Activism Fund ($10,000 available)

Attention: VIUFA is now accepting proposals for its Union Activism Fund 

To support VIUFA members in leading, facilitating, and building access to projects focused on strengthening our capacity, VIUFA has created a $10,000 fund and is currently soliciting proposals from interested members. This money is available to any member interested in developing increased awareness and bringing about progressive solutions to critical issues facing the post-secondary sector and its faculty associations. Any VIUFA member can apply for up to $2000 in funding by submitting a proposal by May 15, 2023. Division of the fund into portions unique to proposals is possible, depending on the number, quality, and relevance of applications.

The fund will support projects that focus broadly on themes related to social justice, decolonization and reconciliation. 

Proposals should focus on honouring diverse cultural approaches, collectivity, solidarity, and creating spaces that are inclusive, respectful, and educational. 

Areas of interest could include:

  • institutional racism
  • anti-racism 
  • deconstructing colonial ideologies
  • addressing unbalanced power dynamics
  • human rights
  • gender equity
  • labour rights
  • valuing diverse Indigenous ways of knowing
  • revitalizing relationships in the VIU community 


  • $10,000 is available annually, drawn from the VIUFA annual budget
  • the award is maintained by the VIUFA Executive, and its Selections Committee

Deadline: Submit your application to by May 15.

Proposal must include: project description, budget, letter of support:


Description of project/event/initiative that: 

  • defines the qualities and components of the project illustrating how they align with either the theme of Social Justice or the theme of Decolonization/Reconciliation 
  • illustrates how the project will engage VIU campus communities with inclusive, collegial and accessible, workshops, panels, discussions, presentations, series, guest speakers, creative and scholarly sessions
  • illustrates how project could enhance union activism 
  • outlines a timeline, paying attention to the March 31 deadline to have all monies accounted for
  • is a maximum 2 pages in length 
Budget of project/event/initiative that:

cannot include: 

  • payment of faculty members 
  • capital expenses 

can include: 

  • payment of students to assist in planning and implementation 
  • payment of honouraria to guests, key contributors, or service providers 
  • marketing and promotion 
  • supplies and materials 
  • travel 
  • hospitality 
Letter of Support:

  • from at least one on-campus or off-campus partner, person, committee, organization or group who speaks to the benefits of the project and how it contributes to reviving the rights, respect, cooperation and partnerships necessary for union activism to flourish and achieve change

For more information, contact Eliza Gardiner, Status of Women and Gender Representative, VIUFA